Miscellaneous Jobs and Projects

Listed below are projects that I have worked on and documented. 

Arduino Microcontroller

A listing of various Arduino projects complete with build instructions, bills of materials, and code samples. View Page

Constant Current LED Driver.

Powers four 1W or two 3W LED's.
High efficency Switch Mode operation.
Driven from 6-12v AC or 9-18v DC source.
350mA or 700mA configurations.
6 to 14 VAC or 9-18 VDC
Can also be used for fixed current NiCd/NiMH battery charging circuit.

PDF Parts List and Instructions

Autodesk Inventor

Inventor Parts Library: 3D computer models

Circuit Manufacturing - Electronics Lab Kit

Astable Multivibrator Circuit Parameters

Microcontroller Electronics Kit.  See full write up on the LED display here.

Digital Temperature Sensor

LED Display Panel

Homemade Brandy Wine

Boil 2 gallons of water dissolving 10lbs of sugar in it. Allow to cool to room temp. In 5 gallon crock mash up 2 gallons of black raspberries, potato masher and electric mixer work well. Quarter 3 lemons and cut 2 mangos into chunks. Combine all ingredients in crock with 3 packs of dry yeast. Stir once a day for 7 to 10 days. (depends on temperature the mix is kept at) It should be foaming/fizzing less and the overpowering yeast/bread smell will also be less noticeable. On the 7th or 10th day add 4lbs of white raisins and let it sit for 27 days with no stirring. Remove fruit and siphon off liquid. Let stand for 5 days at least and then siphon filter and bottle.
(coffee filters work well for filtering)

Custom Dry Bar

Windmill Blades  Recommended site to begin your windmill research: Hugh Piggott's Homepage

Replacing steps at our church.

Basement - Insulation & Finishing

Barn Restoration

Custom Insulated Dog House  Download PDF instructions for this build here.

Goat Cart Restoration


Adirondack Chairs

Porch Swing  Download PDF instructions for this build here.