What Is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is the Science, which affirms the existence of Spirit as the Origin, Sustainer and Reality in all the forms of Nature and in all the expression of life. According to its teachings the Universe is spirit-built and constitutes a Divine Revelation of Spirit (God). Spirit manifests in all life, in all intelligence, in all power, in all wisdom and in all that is True, Beautiful, and Good.   Read More>>


The books listed below are from my personal library and are out of print.

The Jesus Letters

The thoughts expressed in this book are so universal, so all encompassing, so inspiring that they must not be kept silent.

Your Healing Spirit

This book came from the same source as The Jesus Letters and reminds us that, "We are children of God and as such are entitled to all the joys and rewards of being heirs to His kingdom. Foremost among these treasures is the gift of health."



The following are deep trance lectures given by people I know and trust.

What is a Spiritualist, What is Spiritualism, Is Spiritualism a Religion?

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The Mind - Heaven and Hell   Pt2

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A Devine Plan

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The Fundamental Principals of Spiritual Healing   Pt2   Pt3   Pt4

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You Are The One   Pt2   Pt3

Developing Your Spiritual Awareness   Pt2

The Downfall of Man   Pt2

Beginning To Communicate With Spirit   Pt2

Spiritualism, Falling Off The Path   Pt2

Spiritualism, Creating Societal Change

Comprehension of the Greater Experience   Pt2

Becoming A Better Spiritualist

Channeling The Energy

Out Of Body Experiences and Lost Souls

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Easter and Lent

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Spiritual Blending

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