What I Can Do For You

I help my customers create and maintain their own web pages. If you are computer literate but lack the knowledge and or time needed to procure and set up your own web page I have the solution you need.

After a face to face, phone, or email consultation I will procure your web address and server space and then create the basic framework for your web site. Usually my customers say "I want something like what is on www.a page you like.com". The framework will contain basic content, graphics, a navigation menu, and any external hyperlinks you request. Additional modules such as feedback forms, guestbook's, photo galleries, and an e-mail newsletter are also available.

I am not a professional web developer. IE: If you want the latest active x controls or a high end super flashy web page I am not the solution you are looking for. But if you own a small business or want a personal web site with content that is completely under your control, looks good, and is cost effective then I encourage you to contact me.


How Does It Work, What Do I Need To Do?

After the initial consultation I will create and post your site to the internet for your review. If all is well I will give you the instructions to download your web site to your computer. You will need a copy of Microsoft Expression Web. You can purchase this at your local software store, any number of online retailers like Amazon, or directly from Microsoft.


Learning To Use Expression Web

If you purchase the retail version of the software there should be a disk that contains instructional videos for learning to use the software, watch and use them. There are also many tutorial and how to web sites all over the net. Here is a good Google search. Though I give specific and detailed instructions for using and modifying your web site, a general knowledge of how to use the software is a prerequisite. Don't worry to much about the details just become familiar with basic concepts and methods. It is easier than you might think.

All you really need to understand are in these Tutorial Videos.


Working With Your Web Site

For the most part I will take care of optimizing your site for search engines and user friendliness. As every web site is different I will give specific instructions on the do's and don'ts for your site. Should you experience the "HELP!!! I blew it up" scenario don't worry I am also your personal help desk.

To see an example of my walkthroughs click here.


The sections below are under development please contact me for more information.

Pricing and Other Technical Information.

Yearly Fees...
     Domain Name...
          One Year...
          Two Year...
     Server Space...
          Basic... XX Gigabites with XX Bandwidth

     feedback forms
     photo galleries
     e-mail newsletter