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Resume and Education

Meant to give perspective clients, business associates, social network friends and others a little background about myself. In the evolving web society face to face dialog is rare and knowing a little about the people we are interacting with is important for building trust. Learn more about me on my Resume and Education pages.


A partial collection of projects that I have documented over the years that illustrate my craftsmanship and interests. There are a number of woodworking plans that were designed by myself available for download. To see what nerdy engineers do in their free time take a look at the Project page.


Most people, even the religious, fail to comprehend the full nature of the world that exists just outside of their physical senses. Call it a birth right, fate, or fortune I have been privy to knowledge that most others are never exposed to. Having not been stymied by the empirical religions and also having an insatiable appetite for greater truths I have developed a unique view of the world around us. To share in some of this please visit the Spirituality page.

World View

When one truly has an open mind and then asks "why are things the way they are" they tend to develop a world view that mostly goes against the commonly held preconceived notions that society seems to carry. If you are willing to take a red pill and go down some rabbit holes then by all means visit my World View page.