Your Healing Spirit

This book came from the same source as The Jesus Letters and reminds us that, "We are children of God and as such are entitled to all the joys and rewards of being heirs to His kingdom. Foremost among these treasures is the gift of health."


Can I Be Healed?

Can I Be Healed ? What Is The Healing Power?

Jesus comes to say this,

The healing power is the ability to change, the hope of being able to change, the knowledge of what change is, and the joy of changing. It may be the personality which needs changing or the character or it may be the physical body - it is all the same. Once the awareness of the need for change occurs - the healing is practically done.

This does not belie any of the medical books. It is not until there is a pain or ache or a wound that one seeks a doctor to work a cure. One can become aware on his own that a change is needed and thereby start the flow of healing power into himself. He may need a doctor, but working with the doctor will cause the body to heal much faster and more completely.

Go to the church of your choice and look into the history books and you will find that the Christ figure is there in all of them. The thing that makes the Christ figure significant is the ability to heal. It has always been the same power but the knowledge of that power has come through in different ways. In this century it has come through people like Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman and many others but more importantly each person has the power to accomplish the healing for himself.

This book will show each person how to recognize that power, how to use that power, and how to spread that power to others so that the healing power of God will heal the universe.

There is no other way. The world must heal itself and it must start with each individual in each heart, in each mind and the power of God will rain down and this time everyone will be a Noah and all will be saved.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


When Confronted With Pain

Jesus comes to say this,

There is a time in the life of man when he is confronted with the problem of pain and disease. He says that this is God's way of punishing man for his sins. He says this because he does not understand God. God does not punish. God has promised by, peace, fulfillment if - and this is the big if - if you obey the law.

The law of God says, Love One Another. If all were to love one another, you would remove poverty, jealousy, envy, crime, pain and disease from the face of the earth. Not because God is doing it to you or for you but because you would be living according to the law.

Jesus came to teach man the potential when all is love, but the world did not pay attention to his teachings. More jealousy, envy, crime and pain were created because people misunderstood the teachings of Jesus.

Now mankind is faced with the realization that there is more to his teachings than was apparent and for the past hundred years the world has been opening up to the awareness that there are other planes of existence. It is only by understanding this can man realize the meaning of life on earth. It is no accident that the world is being bombarded with tales of psychic, metaphysical and extraterrestrial beings. The time is right, now, for it all to come together.

The peace that God promised is yours and can be yours and everyone who reads this book can start his own journey on the path to the fulfilling of the law.

To begin with, we must know what God is and what God is not God is love, God is good. God is pure, God is true. God is not a punishing God. God is not a judge. God does not send you tests to make you suffer. God is. That is all. It is man who imposes all kinds of restrictions and labels and inflicts the pain on himself.

To find the peace that God promised, one must first find God.

In the following chapters, we will start on the journey towards that aim. I will lead you and you will understand the teachings as they were meant to be understood.

Jesus came to teach everyone how to perform his own miracles. For two thousand years the world has not understood. The time is here for the lesson to be made clear.

Jesus came to help every man be Christ and they did not understand. Now they must understand before it is too late. The healing of the physical body comes after the healing of the spirit. The healing of the spirit can only come after the teachings of Jesus are really understood. Jesus made man came to earth to teach the peace of God. He comes again today to do the same. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

You are the children of God and heirs to all the good there is. Let all who read my words know that peace is at hand and love prevails. Jesus wants all the world to be the kingdom of God. To this end this book is dedicated.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Infant Infirmity

Jesus comes to say this,

People look at the birth of infants and ask how could God allow this infirmity? Or disease? Or problem? God does not "let" children be born infirm. It is centuries of living in imbalance that have produced inherited traits that show up as infirmities. God gave balance, order, laws of survival and man used his own laws and mutated the original design. But God in his mercy sends you always doctors, scientists, people to help undo the problems caused by man. Every infirmity, every disease will be conquered. If man would just not invent any more, it would be a world of peace and joy

God does not place man on earth to suffer. Men are here to learn to deal with each other.

Most of your world sees God as a punishing tyrant who "plans" disasters and problems to teach you lessons. I want people to understand that God is love, God is peace, God is all forgiving. All that is required is living in harmony with the laws of God's universe. Allow the God force freedom to express and all will work for man's good.

The law is Love One Another, and Yourself, and the Lord your God. It is as simple as that. Every time you love a child you eliminate disease and infirmity. People have misunderstood my phrase for 2,000 years. Suffer the little children to come to me means you must start with children. There is so much to erase in the genes. Earth has a long way to go to eradicate all it has put into its inheritances of defects and deformities. It can be done, and you will see all infants be born as a little child in Bethlehem.

The light of God shines on all alike. The love of God shines on all alike. It is only those who choose to deny this who are the homeless and lost. We must make the world understand that the goal of life is to get closer to God. Each man may choose his own way to do this. He may choose whatever church he wishes. He may choose whatever occupation suits him, but in all, he should be striving to reach God.

I sometimes get a little angry with you when I think of what you might have had, had you heard my words correctly when I was among you. But you built a hierarchy of churches and left God out of your buildings. You built statues of clay and had real humans beside you. You made all kinds of artifacts important, but not the human soul sitting next to you. Did I come too soon? Must I come again? Believe that the love of God wants only good and plenty for all of you -- for each of God's children.

The world is yours and it can be your heaven.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Your Healing Spirit Is The Christ Within You

Your healing spirit is the Christ within you.

Every man is equipped with this potential but so many do not find it or do not look for it, and spend their lives suffering pains they do not need to suffer. You are all part of the Father's kindness. You are His children. Why would you assume that He would want you to be in pain? Where did this idea come from?

If we go back to the beginning we will see that the primary job of primitive man was to fill his belly. His stomach would hurt and as he filled it he felt better. As he progressed from servicing his body to putting a roof over his head, the hunger problem diminished and what took its place was the job of providing food by planning to grow it. Up to that time he ate whatever was available. Now he began to plant and sow and harvest. Of course his food was dependent on the sun and rain and could be destroyed by wind and ice. Gradually, he began to credit some force with the power over these elements, and the idea was born that if he pleased these forces by sacrifice, the conditions would be right for plenty.

What was then the sacrifice of a goat or a hen, today is the sacrifice of the body. Men still believe that if they give God the payment of their suffering that He will forgive and bless them.

My friends, God will forgive you and bless you without needing a sacrifice from you. In the cycle of evolution your souls have already made all the sacrifices necessary. That was all right for primitive man but you are now progressed to the point of understanding and it is no longer necessary.

Perhaps all of this negative karma started way back there with all that bloodshed. God never expected that reaction from His people. He created each of you to be a God - it was a distortion to deny this gift.

As man progressed and found ways of surviving and growing and living, the one thing he could not solve was the deterioration of the body system. The way to be healthy is good nutrition, proper rest and relaxation, and faith in the God force to provide. Too many people get caught up in the battle for survival rather than the joy of survival. It was the battling and the stress of trying to live that brought disease, pain and problems.

You are capable of having healthy bodies. There is no reason why any of you must put up with ill health. Be ready to know this and accept the full glory of the Father. We will discuss the definitions of health - soul health and physical health. Remember, you are blessed.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Becoming Aware Of Your Nature

Jesus comes to say this,

This is not a research paper so it will not be impressive with footnotes and tables but a discourse on how man has developed and become aware of his nature. Primitive man had only one role -- to become acquainted with his physical needs -- all of his energies were focused on giving his body energy and nourishment. He found the means to do this by eating berries and fruits and grains - later by hunting animals for meat. Then he began to use the hides for clothing and conquered another problem of keeping well - protecting the body from the elements. This was enough for man to concern himself with. Death was not the adversary. It was just the result of not protecting and caring for the body. As man progressed on this level of thought he reached the point where he saw a relationship between the sun and air and seeds and began to create his own destiny by planting his own food. He worked hard, he rested well and he took care of his physical needs.

As his physical needs began to be taken care of more and more simply man turned to questions of who he was and why he existed. Jesus tells the story of the farmer who sowed the wheat and how the wheat was mixed with tares. Man was like this in the beginning. God created all and would wait to see how it all turned out. But man did not recognize all of this as good because he did not have the knowledge, did not have the awareness of what lay ahead. But man would feel the presence of God and because he could, he tried to explain it. He knew the force of God was stronger when everything was in harmony, and weaker when it was not, but he did not know how to control it. So he assumed that it was God's whim which determined and man started on that long journey of trying to please God, or cajole God, or trick God into treating him well if he did this thing or that thing. Since man thought that God was made up of many parts, he began to associate success in an area with whatever had been done in that area and gradually learned that he would appease the gods by certain actions. At this point man built this hierarchy of thought on how to survive with the help of God. All God wanted was for man to be happy and healthy and use the earth wisely. But man was not confident enough to trust himself and to believe in God's goodness. Man started his long journey toward that knowledge, but along the way man lost the truth that the guiding force is loving and caring for each other and working toward common goals.

As man grew in awareness and knowledge, there were some who became touched with the true meanings of life but they were few and gifted. They were wise enough to know that they could not send all this information about this power out to those who would not understand so they formed secret groups to keep this knowledge alive. You always had your mystics and your saints who were in tune with the spirit but most men could not and would not trust the spirit so this power was kept secret in the mystery schools. But always there was guidance and direction from God.

As man began to pervert God's love by exploiting each other, more and more energy was drained from the God force and man began to have all kinds of negative experiences like plagues and wars and ill treatment of the poor.

But if you study your history books you will discover that there was always a "savior" at the appointed time to set the world on a new course. At every step there were thinkers and doers who guided the world back to its center Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison. Do you believe they were accidents of nature? Hannibal, Caesar, do you think they were coincidence? Each man who lived set his mark on the course of the earth's progress.

But through all this, the "small" thinker instead of finding this source of God within himself still looked to outside forces for salvation. His only means to salvation was by paying in the form of sacrifice, tributes and later through bodily pain and disease. But if one loves God, and to love God means to love His creation - the human body - there is no payment needed. God did not create the world as a reward for himself. Don't you realize God does not have to ask anyone for permission for anything He does? He is and He loves - that is the essence of God.

Let's end here for today. Goodbye for now.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Thinking For Yourself

Jesus comes to say this,

We were talking about the mystery schools, but there were some outside these schools who became the hopeless and the frightened and because they did not believe in themselves they placed their trust in others. They allowed others to do their thinking for them and when this happens those in control use everything for their own ends. If there had been love it would have been an even exchange, but as it turned out you had those who ruled and those who served and those who served were controlled through fear and reprisal. These fears were compounded by the threats of those in control. What were the threats? That God would punish you for this or that deed or thought. All through history man was made to serve other men under the threat of "God will punish you!"

But that is not the truth. If people had not given up their thinking and their right to choose to others, they would have met God directly and known.

The mystery schools have tried to keep the truth alive but these truths can only go to those who develop their minds to the point where they can use them wisely.

The collective unconscious of the world still carries with it these fears and anxieties and transmits them into to physical pain, physical discomforts, accidents, the infirmities of age and the birth defects of the young. This is not God's design. Anyone who wants to enjoy God's love can do so. It is man's choice. But not all men are able yet to understand why suffering fulfills a need. If the individual needs suffering it is available to him. But do not say this is God's punishment, for man is capable of living free from disease and pain. The proper way of course is good nutrition, proper rest and relaxation, and allowing the body to be in perfect balance and harmony.

To achieve this balance and harmony is a different path for each soul - but the result is the same. When this is accomplished there is physical health.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


What Is Physical Health?

Jesus comes to say this,

What is physical health? To answer this we have to ask what is the physical body? The human body is an instrument, it is a casing, a covering, it is a housing, it is a tool, it is a possession, it is a machine. There are many words that could describe it but you understand what I am trying to say. Just as a tool or a machine is created by man, the body was created by God. He thought of His design, He had His mental blueprint and He "built" His creation. Every nut and bolt and gear in a machine is put there for a reason and a function. So, too, the body. Every cell and muscle and fiber and tissue and liquid is there for a purpose. When all of these are allowed to express, you have physical health.

So what has happened? Man lives through certain stresses and he changes the functions of these parts and, just as a machine would malfunction if you used water instead of grease, the body complains.

Physical health is dependent upon the freedom of every cell to work according to its design.

Left to its own devices the body will take care of its own problems. If there is a cut in your finger you could not command it to heal but if you allow it to heal, you would see the perfect functioning of the cells as they wash away contamination and then rebuild new skin.

Have you ever wondered at the fantasy of your skin? Have you ever thought of the properties of your skin - how it covers, how it moves, how it heals? This process is all part of physical health.

The gases and juices all have their purpose in the body. Food enters for energy and has to be processed and distributed and if allowed this opportunity flows through the body in perfect rhythm.

The body moves and operates on its own to take care of all these processes and unless interfered with, the body will function in perfect health.

If you could watch an embryo grow from conception you would see processes going on that are free to express. Skin, bones, hair, teeth, fingernails, every organ and feature is built out of the tiny cells that unite at the beginning that are not even visible to the human eye.

Then why doesn't man understand that the physical body contains its own health?

Physical health is the ability of each cell in the body to function for the purpose for which it was designed Proper nutrition and proper rest should be all the healing ever needed -and yet man suffers.

Later we will discuss, What is physical illness? For now, ponder the magnificence of the human body as it was created and every element in it and every response it engenders. Know that to be healthy is to allow these things to fulfill their purpose in perfect harmony and peace. That is all for now.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


When Negativity And Fear Reverse The Process

Jesus comes to say this,

Physical illness is not the opposite of physical health. Physical illness is the destruction of physical health. It is when the mind in its negativity and fear reverses the processes of the body and makes its own disease.

Let us first put illness and disease into perspective. There are various categories we could enumerate. First there are the temporary things like a headache or a cold, then there are the chronic things like migraine or bronchitis. Next there are the fatal diseases like leukemia and cancer. Then there are the long-term diseases which are not fatal, like arthritis. Also, there is the deterioration of the body in aging and the condition of the body coming into life. And of course how do you deal with the results of accidents?

Why is it that in an accident or disaster where hundreds of people perish, one in their midst survives? Because there are a few among you who are of the kingdom of God. They are not touched by disaster because they are surrounded by the protection of their faith.

You all wonder why there are disasters and accidents in the first place, but if you really investigated disasters and accidents you would see in them the hand of man, the greed of man, the ignorance of man, not the punishment of God.

A flood may be the result of man's diverting a river that should be flowing north instead of west, or a fire may be the result of careless use of equipment or matches. A car accident may be the result of intolerance or lack of patience on the part of drivers, not to mention intemperance. But do you see my point?

Man is in control of his destiny and if he follows his inner guide, he will be protected and guided by the Father. If all of you were guided by the Christ within, you would each be where you were meant to be, doing what you were meant to do, and all would get done with love and ease. God is the artist and He would make the picture complete and functional. Man in his finite mind cannot grasp this, but it is so.

You are thinking, what about tornadoes and ice storms? Some things are used by the Father to bring a community back to center. Sometimes disasters teach love more than pain. Do you understand? If you accept the premise that God is the architect and the builder who has hired workmen who do not always follow His blueprints, perhaps you can see how every once in a while He must thunder and rave to get their attention and put them back on the course so the building can proceed.

The hardest thing for you to accept is birth defects. You can almost believe that people bring on their own migraines and cancers, but when it comes to deformed limbs and paralyzed bodies you are confused. Why an infant with twisted spine or armless? You are all born with the potential for health regardless of the process you live through at the birth moment. The prime ingredient is the understanding of what that soul life is to be. When a child comes into the world with a birth defect it is only the expectations of the parents that decide "wholeness," not reality. A child with a birth defect may be more whole than all of us.

But what you must come to realize is that healing is no different for a headache than for a cancer, no different for a paralysis than a sprain. The power of God is absolute. It is infinite, it is nondiscriminatory. It is only the level of consciousness which greets God that is the healer or prevents the healing.

Anything is possible with God - that does not mean that only some "curable" things can be healed. It means the extent of your faith is what will do the healing. It is the human mind that must grow to the level where it can accept the miracle.

Now we must mention karma. Karma as you know it does exist. It is quite true that souls who wish to incarnate for a particular growth lesson will choose the parent who will provide that lesson. If it is in the form of a birth defect that soul expects that possibility. Therefore there Is no one of you who deserves pity - compassion and understanding, yes, but not pity - for each soul grows on Its own level and Its own discretion and chooses its own obstacles. Each soul shines with its own light and it is only when it leaves the light that it deserves pity.

But birth defects or invalidism or infirmity are not of themselves sad. It is how the person chooses to live with his problem that determines his soul growth.

There are those with a hangnail who will complain and those with a broken back who will smile.

So you have several factors that will cause physical illness. One is the disregard for the body's natural processes and denial of proper nutrition, exercise and rest.

Another is the karmic necessity of the soul.

Another is God's using it to attract attention and bring a person in the world back to center.

All of these are the same. What the soul chooses to overcome will be overcome.

First it must be overcome in the spiritual and we will discuss this next.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


What Is Spiritual Health?

Jesus comes to say this,


What is spiritual health? First we must understand what the soul is. The soul is that part of God which manifests in a particular way for a special purpose that is part of God's plan.

The soul once created is always part of the God force. It comes with a part of itself, which understands its purpose, a part which must deal with a material expression of that purpose and a part that must deal with the creator of that purpose. To translate this into what you would understand, the soul has three parts - one that connects it with the material world, one that connects it with its own Inner design, and one that connects It with God: spirit, mind and body; ego, id and superego; conscious, superconscious and subconscious. Do you see now the relationship I am talking about? When a soul wants to incarnate it needs a physical body. But the purpose of the soul is to grow and develop, therefore it needs the body and life situations which will provide that growth. Once the soul is in a physical body, that part of it which is the God force retreats and allows free will to express itself. The soul then tries to overcome whatever area it is working on. The part of the soul which manipulates the physical body - that which your scientists call the subconscious - takes over the physical operation of the body and relieves the soul of this responsibility so that the soul can proceed to function as an avenue of God's expression. Sometimes there is a thwarting of this plan because of weakness or inability of the soul to conquer the lesson and a life will go down all the wrong avenues, make all the wrong choices and it will be necessary for that soul to try again.

But in a total sense, the soul starts its incarnation striving to get back to its God source at a higher level than when it left. This is the hunger that drives all mankind. Unfortunately, man has progressed to the point where he does not recognize this and he strives to fill this hunger with drugs, alcohol, food, meaningless activity, sex rituals and even the worship of evil. But once the soul becomes aware of its relationship to this all-inclusive power, it is then never again lost because its journey back to the God power is started and though long and tedious It will eventually end in the all-embracing love of God.

Spiritual health is the awareness of the finiteness of the physical body and the infiniteness of the spiritual essence. Being aware of the relationship between the physical body and the spiritual body unites both of them into a harmony, which gives birth to the power of God - what you call the inner voice, the super conscious, the God within, or whatever you wish to call it. Spiritual health is accepting all of the potential of the physical body as it was created by God with the limitations of any particular incarnation as selected by the soul. Uniting that with the expression of the spirit that is in every incarnation of that soul, it reaches the state where it can return to the source in perfect peace.

Do you understand? Peace comes from the uniting of the physical body with the spiritual body - when you are one with your two natures, you are spiritually healthy

Sometimes the physical is more developed than the spiritual and sometimes the reverse is true, but the two must be in balance for the birth of the God power to manifest the miracle of life.

I wonder if your generation will understand any of this but we must try to tell them about it. If we save one soul we will save the whole city. You have my blessings always.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Man's Effect On God's Design

Jesus comes to say this,

Spiritual illness is our next discussion. What is spiritual illness? Actually the symptoms of spiritual illness are more obvious than the disease itself. Fear, hatred, anger, resentment - all these are the symptoms of spiritual illness. What is the cause of these symptoms and what are the results?

The major cause of all of these symptoms is lack of faith. If you really and truly believed that the Father were in charge, there would be no reason to fear because the Father would protect you. This protection would come in the form of a rescue or in the impressing of another not to do any harm or even to remove the imaginary fears which never really materialize.

There would be no reason for hatred if everyone realized that what belonged to you was rightfully yours. If each being knew that his divine right were set for him, he would not envy another or fail to appreciate that what another has or does belongs to the other. But each has his own. If you had faith that the Father provided for each, you would not see others as having more than you or begrudge what you have.

If you had faith you would see God in all you meet, therefore there would be no anger - for how could you resent the actions of another who is trying to express God? So much of our anger is against what people are and not what they do. What people do can be corrected. That is the purpose of this life expression. But when we are angry for what people are, that is a dead end because each person acts as his inner being directs - some are more in tune with a Christ within than others but even the undeveloped are following some inner guide.

Resentment is only the result of not getting what we want. Our expectations are frustrated and we wish to blame someone other than ourselves and yet, because we dare not, we harbor this frustration and let it grow.

These symptoms should be dealt with openly and immediately for they lead to the real problem.

The real disease is the separation from the God force, the feeling that one is alone, the thought that one must do it by himself, the pride that will not admit that man needs God. This separation causes fear, anger, and hatred to grow because we have lost touch with the power that defines us as a being with a reason for being. It takes away our confidence in our existence as a child of God. It removes us from the fact that we are a child of the universe - as a child of the universe every man is our brother. If we love one another, as members of a family with God as our mother-father, then we could accept each other as we are expressing - and excuse errors, forgive transgressions, assist growth, lead and direct and love.

The symptoms of spiritual illness do not always manifest themselves openly, sometimes they are buried very deep. A person with anger toward another may repress that anger and then feel guilt and those symptoms will disappear but the illness is still there. This disease even though unconscious and repressed is the force that causes physical pain and discomfort and mental anguish.

Do you see what I am saying? There is nothing wrong with anger and hatred and resentment for their own sake. One should be angry at one who hurts you or hate the aggressor but these must be dealt with openly and honestly.

Each soul must answer for his own soul's growth and his soul growth depends on his expressing God.

Sometimes God uses anger to change a situation but one who represses anger does not change a situation - he only puts himself into a place where he is denying his own nature, denies God. For God expresses through every human instrument and sometimes a righteous anger is necessary but if anger and hatred and resentment are the result of love or combined with love they will bring you back to the center which is God.

It is like an ocean. The ocean sometimes picks up seaweed and discarded paper but that does not stop the waves from expressing.

Therefore spiritual illness is to cut yourself off from the source of your being which is God. Whatever the symptom and whatever the cause, the real disease is not to know that your Father loves you and each one of you is His favorite child.

I know this is difficult for you to accept but it is the answer to many of the world's ills if you could just understand what I am saying.

Now that we know that physical illness and spiritual illness are strongly interwoven, we must learn how to deal with it.

We will discuss that next. That is all for now.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


How Does The Spiritual Body Influence The Physical Body?

Jesus comes to say this,

Next we will deal with the way the spiritual body influences the physical body. Your people are so used to thinking In terms of the material world that they suppose the body is manifested physically and that Is the beginning of life. But the truth is that man is a spirit first who manifests in a physical body in order to express God in the material world. If man is spirit, then it is the mind that controls the physical.

Your medical community is just becoming aware of this connection. Talk about treating the whole person or awareness of psychosomatic illness is becoming more popular. The ancients knew this but you lost sight of it as the world grew scientifically.

Of course if the mind can control the body negatively it can also control positively. That is why biofeedback and autogenic training is a step in that direction.

You must realize that doctors and nurses fill a need. They were impressed by God to be in that profession. They work with God. In your scientific age man would not listen to anyone else so they have been very valuable. Every medical technique, every medication, every advance in medicine was influenced by the spirit of God.

There are so many ills in the world today - it is true that all ills are self-inflicted because of a need on the part of the spiritual body, but nevertheless these ills are there and mankind has been provided with the means to alleviate these problems. The hope of God is that each person would be his own healer but not all of you are on the same level of awareness and in a position to do this.

Do not put down the field of medicine. Doctors are very frustrated by patients who do not follow orders. When a doctor says no smoking or no eating of fats or whatever and the patient does not change his habits then disease may continue.

When a person has a medical crisis, if he is aware of its purpose in his life he can overcome it. Many of your people have overcome all kinds of things that should have destroyed them. What it takes is an undying invincible faith. Study them and see the patterns that emerge. One man has a heart attack and goes on to do bigger things than he ever did before. One has a terrible accident and suddenly is an inspiration to others. Another has minor surgery and collapses under the strain - some element must be there to make the difference.

We are talking about the influence of the spirit on the body. The attitude of the spirit is significant. If there is a self-respect, a self love, an awareness of the self as an important part of the universe, a relationship which is coincident with life and the growth of the soul, the body is healthy. Nothing can dismay it.

But once the spirit begins to dwindle into fear, anger, resentment, negative feelings of self loathing, self doubt, loneliness the body follows suit and the body doubts itself.

When this happens, physicians and medicine are necessary and must not be denied. After medicine has eased the obvious symptoms there is need for spiritual counseling for the person must be made to see that his attitude is what influences his health - from a corn on the foot to a tumor of the brain.

If you harden yourself to the flow of God's love you harden the cells. You stop the healthy flow of liquids, you reverse the processes of organs, you tighten up the vessels, you interfere with the natural flow of juices in the body machine, and these lead to illness.

How does one keep well once he is well? By being open to the love of God, the love of people, by reverence for life, the beauty of the universe, the joy of a new day, the smile of child, the song of a bird, the music of a violin - there is much in your world to be enjoyed if you would just become aware of it. Too many of you are too busy working to survive in a world, which is only a temporary home. All of these things are meaningless unless they are accompanied by love.

A man can provide every convenience for his family but he should take time to be with them and express his love.

You must realize that the answer lies in the proper perspective between self, others and the universe. If there is love of self, one can love others and if one loves others one would share the universe.

You are all children of God, love one another.

Love From The Master,  Jesus

Is It Necessary For Man To Suffer?

Jesus comes to say this,

The major detriment to health in your world is the notion that it was necessary for man to suffer - that suffering was a means of paying for your sins.

This idea has governed for too long. It has kept the feeling of guilt going which is senseless waste. If you realize that each creature expresses according to an inner need, then you would not have expectations for each other which would be frustrated and you would not have guilt. Each soul is responsible for its own growth. If that soul were fulfilled in itself, it would have no desire to hurt others or deprive others. Love seeks its own and does not covet. Love is happy in the knowledge of its place in the universe. Love is happy in its limitations ever striving to rise above them according to a power coming from God, not by exploiting others. You find this difficult to believe, but if you look at the people who are whole people secure in this union with God and the universe - you will find it so. The Buddha, the Christ, did they worry about food or a place to rest or their relationships with people?

The idea that man must suffer to pay for his sins are illogical on two grounds.

First you say that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and then you say that you must pay for your sins with guilt and suffering - which is it?

Then you do not define what sins are. There is only one sin and that is to separate yourself from the God force. If you are united with the God force and see the Christ within each person expressing what he was created to express, you will not sin. You would not harm those you love. Of course there will be interactions, which may not be completely loving all the time. But if you live in an atmosphere of forgiving the sinner

even if you don't forgive the act that hurt you, there will be no guilt. You spend lifetimes feeling guilt for wrong decisions or wrong results from decisions instead of forgiving and keeping to that day the evil thereof and living free from the past.

There is no reason for man to suffer. God has supplied every need. Even when man has made wrong choices God has sent you a redeemer to bring you freedom from pain, cures, relief, understanding.

Freud, Jung and all the men to this day who are explaining the human mind to you - are they not from the God mind?

So believe. There is no reason for man to use suffering and pain as an answer to his problems. The human body was given to you by God so that you can enjoy the fruits of the universe - that means everything and everyone in it. If you are at ease in that, you will not live negative lives and you will all prosper.

That is the way of the future but now there are many among you who are not on the level to understand or accept this.

Therefore to you we have to say this, God has the power to heal you if you will turn to him. There are all degrees of problems and pain and you who have dread diseases question this or do not believe. But that is incredible! How can you think that God can cure one thing and not another?

To God one miracle is as easy as another. There is no difference. It is just as easy to unblock ears that have been deaf for a lifetime as to cure a deafness that is only a week old time is not a factor.

It is just as easy to cure blindness as it is to cure a cataract - degree is not a factor.

It is just as easy to cure someone in Africa as someone Tulsa, Oklahoma - space is not a factor.

Don't you see. Each one of you is a child of God. You are equal in His eyes and heart. His power rains on all of you alike. It is not the rain which falls which is the factor - when it rains you can catch it in a bucket or you can let it wash down the hill. The choice is yours.

The only factor involved in the healing process is your approach to the healing. If your level of awareness is such that you can approach God expecting his power to act for you nothing is impossible! If your spirit is open - if you can forgive yesterday and open the ways for the healing power go through - you will be healed!

But your spirit must be willing to give up all its preconceive notions that your disease is necessary to you and that you need to suffer to pay some old debt.

Please believe - if God can heal, he can heal anything, There are no restrictions. There are no limits. What would be the point of a God who could heal a cancer in one and not wart in another, who could heal a cut on a finger and not blindness?

Think! No miracle can outdo another. They are all alike to God.

It is you who must grow to accept, who must learn t receive. Your faith will make you whole.

I know this is a long way from man's immediate acceptance but those of you who can understand these words can it have now. You can have health, peace and prosperity and love.

The choice is yours, the technique is simple. We will go into this technique next.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


How To Use Your Healing Spirit

Jesus comes to say this,

We are now at a point where we must learn how to use the healing spirit for ourselves. First of Course we must be aware that the healing power actually exists. In the last message I told you that if God can heal He can heal anything. There is no "if." God can heal anything. But there is no way I can prove it to anyone if you will not accept this.

There are those among you who will hear of healings and deny them. You will have all kinds of explanations like "spontaneous remission" or excuses like, it was never an illness in the first place." You will manufacture all kinds of reasons for denying the healing because you can not admit to yourselves that there is this power. I will not try to convince you otherwise.

But the truth is that the healing power is inherent in each creation of God and is available to anyone who wants to use it.

How do you use it?

First, you must learn that it is there. Second, you must accept its results. Third, you must thank God for its presence and consequences.

First, to learn of the power's existence you must be ready to "listen" to it. You must find times when you can sit quietly and listen to your body. Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to the sounds of the blood running through your veins and arteries. Become acquainted with the rhythm of your body. Look into your body. Study the inside of your foot, your leg, your arm, etc. Become acquainted with the bones, the muscles, and the nerve fibers - see them as they really are.

Talk to your body as though it were another you. Ask why there are sensations where they are. If you have a pain study it, focus on it, analyze it, confront it. Ask the pain why it is there. What purpose do you serve? Are you to warn me of something else? Or are you there for a subtle reason, like an answer to a need that is not real? Is your body using the pain to make you notice some other truth? Is the pain a punishment for some unreal emotion? You must ask these questions and you must get honest answers.

This is the most difficult part. Because, your subconscious mind will fight you. It will tell you that you are the victim and outside forces are making you ill. It will blame the weather or lack of vitamins or food or all kinds of things, but that is false. You are not a victim - You are a God! You have the power to tell your subconscious mind that you will not accept any discomfort, any illness, any pain - You are spirit. You are a part of God. You are the master of your body, and you must establish this supremacy. You will have health.

If you watch any athlete in training you will see how he commands his body to perform. The body responds according to these demands. If you believe this, you can have health.

As you begin to go into quiet times of becoming acquainted with your body, there is much you will learn. You will be aware of the way your body works. For example, the way it produces liquids to lubricate your mouth and to refresh your eyes. As these processes become obvious to you you will notice a new energy filling you. In time you will begin to feel "flutterings" and "itches" and "tickling" of your skin. This is the energy entering your sphere of life. It will get stronger and later it will be available at your beckoning. Processes will take place inside your body like "crackings" and rhythms which will be the body realigning itself. There may be an irregular heartbeat as your heart readjusts to a new you.

There may be sensations in your hands like a heat or a pulsation. This is energy. When you feel this, you can touch any part of your body that needs this energy and focus it there.

All this may sound strange but it will happen. All you must do is believe in God and allow Him to express to you in this way.

There are many books available that discuss meditation so I will not go into that process with you. I will assume that after you are in a meditative state you can use this healing exercise. Allow God to put your body back into balance. This may happen instantly or it may take months.

The barrier is your ability to accept the results. To do this, you must believe in your mind that you are worthy and that you can accept the healing. Also, you will need to be aware of what you will use in place of your illness.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Because illness of the body serves the purpose of relieving the illness of the spirit. When the spirit has let itself become a victim of life's circumstances it can not survive this separation from God. To relieve this pain it transfers the pain from the spiritual body to the physical body.

But if the spirit does not allow itself to be alien to the God force it will reflect the idea that it is not worthy of health. It will love the self no matter how many mistakes it makes. No matter how inefficiently it is behaving it will trust its inner voice and the God power and know that it will return to its center and have peace again.

This self-love will make it possible for you to accept healing or to prevent disease. But some of you cannot accept yourself as a child of God, as a part of the universe, and therefore you back down into feelings of guilt, anxiety and doubt. Doubting yourself, you deny God. This is the hardest part but once it is conquered the human body will have no reason to manifest illness.

With what will you replace your illness if you let it go? You will replace it with other people. As you begin to bless others and wish good fortune to others and project feelings to others, your own self will be the repository of all that good returning to you - and a new life will open up for you.

It is not easy! But isn't it worth it - to be healthy, happy and in constant touch with a force that gives you love, energy and a purpose in life that results in joy and happiness.

For this, all you must do is to thank God. Every time you get a chance you must say, Thank you, God, for my health. Thank you, God, for this day of life. Thank you, God, for this opportunity to express You. Thank you, God, for this chance to be living.

How can you be ill if you greet each day with these words and fill each day with these thoughts?

Agree that you want health.

Reject the idea that you are not worth it.

Convince your subconscious mind that you want health, regardless of what past experiences may have taught it.

Thank God for the opportunity to be alive, to express Him and to love Him.

And you will be healed!

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Reeducating The Subconscious Mind

Jesus comes to say this,

The subconscious mind is a difficult thing to change. Its patterns are set very early in life and are deeply ingrained. But it is not impossible to reeducate the subconscious mind. It takes determination and love.

Realize that it is the part of you that takes over all the mundane jobs that need to be done. It relieves you of the need to think about all these things so you are free to enjoy living In the Now without having to constantly keep facts and procedure in your conscious mind.

You must become acquainted with your subconscious mind, it must be your friend. It is a very powerful ally. But it is very simplistic. It believes everything you tell it. If you say, I am tired, it will believe you and help you to be tired. If on the other hand if you say, I feel great, it will help you to feel great.

Your subconscious mind uses your thoughts to work with therefore, it is very important to think only those thoughts that will be of value to your growth and well-being.

But suppose that you have lived with a thought for a long time; such as, my sister is a nuisance or my boss is a tyrant Your subconscious mind will always see those people with that eye. If instead you think, my sister annoys me but I love her, your subconscious mind will remember to love her no matter what she does. If you tell your subconscious mind, My boss is difficult but underneath he's a great guy, you will the be able to deal with him no matter what he does.

Your subconscious mind serves you! It does not serve others.

Now if you have for years told it a certain fact like I am to fat, or I need to smoke or I can't get up in the morning, that is what you will be or get.

Some people have thoughts like, I can't stand my brother-in law, and then later they discover they are having trouble with their legs.

Phrases like, she gives me a pain in the neck, convince your subconscious mind that that is what you want and you will get it.

Convince your subconscious mind that you want healed regardless of what past references may have taught it.

This must be a well planned out program. You must start by becoming acquainted with yourself. Do you want to be healthy, or does your illness serve a purpose? You must answer that honestly. Does it get you attention? Does it relieve you of a job you hate to do? Does it get you sympathy? Does it get you money?

You must be honest about your reason for keeping that illness.

When you are ready to let it go, then you must convince your subconscious mind to let it go. It will take all kinds of statements, which you must make true by your belief.

I am well. I am healthy. These words are enough. If you say this every time you can and mean it, it will fill your subconscious mind and you will begin to be healthy.

But you must want it. You can not fool the subconscious mind. This is the area of you that has to rely on your faith, because as you believe so will it be done.

Your subconscious mind is your ally. Get to know it. Discuss your problems with it and tell it exactly what you want your body to be.

Your spiritual body can tell your physical body exactly what kind of health you want and you can have it.

Now you can want good health or you can take ill health. The choice is yours. But you must be in control. And once in control you must be master of all your thoughts and your actions will follow suit.

This is not easy. For a mind that is convinced that it must suffer to pay for sins will not give up its suffering easily. But you must decide now that you are a child of God. You do not need to suffer because as a child of God you are entitled to His forgiveness and His mercy and His love.

If God can forgive you, you can forgive yourself. Once you do this you will no longer need to suffer physical pain.


Go forth believing and it will be so.

Be of good heart. The time will come when you will understand.

Love From The Master,  Jesus

Healing Others I

Jesus comes to say this,

The hope of healing others lies in your ability to believe that you can heal yourself. But you should be doing both at the same time. Whenever you think of healing you should always send healing to another. At first nothing may happen because you must develop yourself to the point where your faith is so strong that you know you are healed. Then you will believe in the healing spirit and can use it to heal others. But if you send prayers of healing to others as you progress and learn, then prayers would serve to focus your thoughts on others rather than self. You will see your attitudes changing. You will become aware of things about people that you had not paid attention to before and your love threshold will change. You will find it easier and easier to love even strangers. You will begin to forgive friends and relatives who have been problems to you. You will then find that love is an ever flowing fountain that starts somewhere in a deep part of you, and it flows and flows on all alike. This will be your healing. From then on, nothing will be impossible to you. You will know the presence of God in all you do and you will walk with God everywhere. You will have words when you need them and energy for every task.

But you must remember to keep letting this energy flow through you to others. Do not block it into yourself because that would not be the Master's way.

Now, when it comes to healing others bear in mind that they also have a subconscious mind that may be clinging to a pattern they do not wish to give up. That does not matter. The healing of others is between them and God with one extra feature - your love and healing prayers will act as a battery charger, as a source of energy and faith. If someone is very stead fast in an old pattern it is best not to talk him or her into wanting a healing. Just tell them quietly that you will pray for them Your Father will hear your prayers and will send energy and hope to their subconscious minds and perhaps that will unlock the hold that is there preventing healing.

It is never wrong to send prayers to another for it will give the Father something to work with, but you must realize that some are not ready to be healed and you must not see this as source of disappointment. If one needs to keep an old pattern intact for his own security then there might not be an overt healing, but you will know that your prayers are not in vain when you see perhaps a tiny lightness in that one that you had not seen in him before.

I talk about advanced cases of paralysis or disease. The soul who does not believe he can be well has already accepted the suffering and sees no way out. He will hinder a healing but he will not stop it. If you continue to think of everyone as being whole and perfect they will be. If not instantly and in this life, they will be before the Father.

Many of you can not accept the concept of healing and therefore you hold it away from you but nothing is impossible to the Father. It is your level of awareness which must rise in expectation.

If you who are my student has learned to believe, you can work miracles. Always pray for others with sincerity. Present their stories to the Father. Ask the Father to look deep into their minds and awaken the desire for healing. Leave them in the Father's care realizing that they are making the choice of health even if on a low level of initiative. Your prayers are not a waste.

If you wish to pray for someone who gives you permission to pray for him or her it is easier because by approaching you they are showing faith. Their faith will save them, but the same point applies. It is the extent of their faith which will make the difference. Some people say they believe but inside they still carry their fears and their past experiences and will not let them go.

Most people want to see an instant healing and when they do not, their faith wavers. But all prayers result in healing. You must allow for a time lapse in some cases and a great deal of time in others. But if you, my student, can have faith, your faith can work for another.

Always be positive in your belief that God loves you. Never, never once waiver from that thought and if you believe that, then all else will follow.

When you become aware of your healing power and your healing energy, you will go through a stage where you will want to heal everybody. Be careful. The truth is that you can not heal anyone. All you can do is allow the flow of energy to go through you. It is still up to the other's subconscious mind to accomplish his own healing. Therefore, neither regret a failure nor feel guilt. You must always keep the flow of healing open, but realize that the healer is not you but the divine source and the person healed must accept the healing on a subconscious level.

So always protect yourself by prayer and meditation and know that you yourself want only health. This way you can best serve others. But you will not take the blame for what seem like failures. No healing prayer is a failure. It heals something if not all you would like.

So continue to pray for others whether they ask you to or not and bless them and let their minds grow in faith until they are ready to be whole.

By praying in this way you will discover as time goes on your own healing will be made manifest.

Through all this, remember that the purpose of all life is to the glory of God. Never forget to thank Him for the energy and the knowledge to use it.

Thank God for your life, no matter how bad it seems to you, because whatever you are living through has a purpose and will lead you to the ultimate joy - union with God forever.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Life Is Like A Well Staged Play

Jesus comes to say this,

Life is like a well-staged play. There are scenes to go through and there is a learning process that takes place. In a good play your character at the end of the play has learned something, has grown and can now move on. Is the play the reality or is the life between performances the reality? It is the life between where you are allowed the opportunity to rehearse and reflect on mistakes and to do better in each performance.

In a good play, well produced, it works because everyone has a role. Not all can be stars but there would be no star without supporting players and no play without the stagehands and crew. Each one is important. The playwright conceives and writes the play but each actor and director brings his own interpretation to the role or to the work of staging it.

Don't you see this as the way life is? Each of you has a role and by working together you produce the play. Then there is the audience. Those on a different level who watch you and learn from your example and grow because of this.

And there are all kinds of variations on this theme. There are those who will cause disruption and disharmony even within the cast but those of you who are disciples must keep the play together and by doing so are lessons to the others.

One more analogy, just as the drama has progressed through all kinds of stages from the early days to now, so has the way of God gone from the primitive to the present, where people are ready for more esoteric truths. Not all of you, but those of you who are must not turn away. You must be examples for the others.

If each of you sees his life as an adventure, you will see that the scenes are constantly changing and each scene progresses the play. At the end of the play you will win applause and take your bow if you have done your best.

You may be only a stagehand or a prop man in the drama of life but if you do your job to the best that's in you, you will get your curtain call too.

My friends, that is the secret. Accept yourself and your role in life. Do your best as you see it and find joy in your best, knowing that the Father has a purpose for you in the overall drama of life.

If you do this, there is no need to covet or envy or be jealous or harbor anger or resentment because whatever is yours will come to you and no one can take your curtain call but you.

My friends, if you are one with the Father and with yourself you will be all to each other.

In this attitude your spiritual body will feed on love and will be eternally healthy and your physical body will not need manifest illness.

Dear dear friends, I love you as the Father loves you. Be aware that the Father wants you all well, happy and prosperous. Breathe the love of the Father and be joyous.

I must go now, but my love I leave with you, my peace I give you. If you are ready to understand my words then accept the gift of the universe. It is yours. If you do understand my words - be an example to those who are further back along the path and pray for them.

My friends, this book has tried to tell you of the love of God. It is not a big research paper with tables and graphs a statistics. There are others who will do that.

This is a very simple, very elementary story of how God loves you, how I love you and how you must love each other.

Jesus comes to say this, to all those who have ears to hear.

Life is eternal. Life is Now. Its living energy is love. Love one another. Serve one another and you will have a healthy body, a healthy spirit and a healthy mind.

Through all, remember God does exist and He exists to love you and to serve you as you go through each day.

Love God, Serve God, Love One Another.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Part II

The first part of this book is material that came in close sequence and was identified as YOUR HEALING SPIRIT.

Part Two is made up of letters that came later.


The Process Of Healing

Jesus comes to say this,

The process of healing is difficult to understand but is it any easier to understand when one goes to a physician. He gives you pills or therapy that works with some and doesn't work with others. Some techniques work and some don't. What makes the difference? The attitude and receptivity of the patient.

God's healing is always available and comes in many ways. There is a real power that comes through channels and heals any condition. Sometimes through licensed practitioners sometimes through medication, sometimes in spite of those things.

The ultimate healing is to be one with God in consciousness. You may ask why one who has achieved this consciousness still has a withered body. It is because that body necessary to that soul but the soul may be perfect and whole The vehicle may not change but it is within the power of the soul to change it. Some souls when they learn the lesson of God don't focus on the vehicle and it doesn't repair itself. But it may not matter to that soul.

We each create our reality and the reality we create has many facets but the wise soul knows its journey and its needs and its purpose.

There are no limits in time - a healing of the body may take an instant but the healing of the spirit may take thirty years

You have no way to judge the journey of a soul. In healing assume a healing of the spirit and let body and spirit come together in God's time. When all is in balance, all is healed Bless you.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


A Healing Technique

Jesus comes to say this,

There is a big difference between using a hammer and using an ax. A hammer is used to build and construct, and an ax is used to cut apart and destroy. The reason we are discussing hammers and axes is to make the point that all things are tools, but they can be used to build or they can be used to tear down.

For a healing of the throat you place your hands around the throat wondering which hand should go where. Rightly so. For one hand is the hammer and one hand is the ax.

If you need to build tissue, energy, blood, give new life - use the right hand. If you need to destroy tissue, bad habits, disease - use the left hand.

Draw in the healing energy with the right hand and disperse it with the left - for arthritis, inflammations, tumors, growths and things that must be removed. For things that must be built up - like blood, energy, nerves, repairing of tissue - draw in energy with the left hand and disperse with right hand. This applies if you are right-handed. It should be reversed for someone who is left-handed.

Healing is never given incorrectly if it is given in love. But you can speed up healing by using the proper technique.

Do not worry about what has gone before, because it has not been wrong or wasted. But go now into a new awareness that healing does take place and that I am with you in healing.

You will see a healing Jesus in your meditations and you will know that it has not been in vain.

I come to serve the Father and need channels to work through. That is why I welcome you in love and gratitude for allowing me to work through you in the service of healing.

Jesus does not want the love of God to go unnoticed for it is available to all. Be aware that you serve God in all you do whether for good or not. You are an instrument used by God. Everyone is. Only some are not yet aware of this.

We all teach each other. We all serve each other. But some of us are hammers and some of us are axes. And to the tree the result is change, either for the good or for a lesson. You see I was a carpenter and my joy is in building. You will try to understand? Ponder this and be aware that we are all working for good. In the name of the Father of all.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Healing Others II

Jesus comes to say this,

All things work for good to them who love God. If you come across a situation where you are impressed to extend healing even without being asked, do not hesitate to do so. If you remember that you are not the one doing the healing it will be clear to you. God does the healing. If you ask for a healing it may be the right time for that one and it may not, but you are not the judge, nor are you the healer. Never forget to ask for healing but God does the healing. God does the healing in His time and space continuum. He may use you or another to complete the healing you alone pray for.

Let me explain it thus: When a creature needs healing and crosses your path the test is for you, not him. His healing comes from his mind's ability to accept your offer of love. If you learn from the experience, you will learn how to extend love. His lesson is to learn to receive it. This interaction is healing and it is only by placing faith in the Father that this love can be exchanged and healing occurring. If either one doe not complete the cycle or allow the flow, the healing is prevented.

The role of God is to allow the love to express and when these conditions are right, healing can flow through. This can happen solicited or unsolicited but the result is the same. The requirements are the same. There must be an exchange of the loving energy, a giving and an acceptance. This may be conscious or unconscious. That does not matter but the end result will be healing on the part of the healer as well as the patient.

It is like turning on the faucet. Water will pour out. Unless you put a glass under it you can not fill the glass but the water will still flow. Do you understand?

We must extend healing energies whenever we are impressed to do so and learn to love unconditionally. But remember there are those who must learn to accept love.

It is the love of God flowing through all that is the final healing. This may not manifest in the physical body instantly even in this lifetime, but that does not mean the healing did not occur.

So never withhold healing energies or love. Never hesitate to ask the Father to bless another, for it is in this way that you build up your own source of love and allow the flow through you and make yourself an open channel for God.

Extending healing is a lesson for the healer, not the patient. For God can heal anyone, any time, any place without your help. The purpose of healing lessons is to teach the healer to have faith and to learn love.

Ponder this and see that healing others really heals the self.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Praying For Healing

Jesus comes to say this,

When it comes to prayer, it is not necessary to keep repeating a request after one or two or three times. Be assured that it has been heard and will be answered in God's time in God's way. To keep repeating a prayer is to believe it will not work. After you have made your prayer request, let it go and spend your time in thanksgiving not petition. Even in healing, it is not necessary to keep asking after a few initial requests. Your Father in heaven hears you and works to answer your prayer but sometimes it takes a working out, a time for healing, a time for interaction, so release it to God and let God work.

Be sincere, be earnest, believe that God hears and God answers. Be ready to recognize the answer. Send blessings to all always and let God work it out.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Keeping One's Perspective As A Healer

Jesus comes to say this,

Be a little bit concerned in the area of giving too much of yourself to the needs of others. Are you so afraid to think of yourself as a person with needs that you are also willing to place others first? Spirit will guide you to those who need you and will guide them to you, but don't let those who want scapegoat drain your energy.

All have the same opportunity you have to make choices for their welfare. If they don't want to or make wrong choices, it not your responsibility. There are too many who need you as a healing channel to spend time just listening to gossip or to dull conversation.

Perhaps you feel this too is healing, but you will have to learn the difference between a cry for help and a transfer of responsibility. Those who cry to God for help will be led to healer or to a situation for healing. But those who want to cling to problems will not understand the work of God in their lives, nor recognize the guidance.

The whole purpose is to attune to the Infinite. But each soul has this choice. Some are just not ready. Is this message clear to you.

I am trying to show you how to keep your strength intact an your mind on an even keel, so that you can be an effectively channel for that which God wants to accomplish. You must realize that it is God who is in control and therefore all works for good, for all. Be one with the Father and let Him guide and direct your every move.

Be blessed in the spirit.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Growth Through Acceptance

Jesus comes to say this,

You are a channel of God in all you do.

Realize that you are different personalities with different points of view. Allow all to work freely.

Jesus speaks to each of you differently but the essence of the spirit is behind all you do. Accept the freedom and power of each having an inner guide. If you are aware of this inner guidance and work with love, all will work well.

The message is don't let sentiment substitute for healing. Healing is letting go. Sentiment is a feeling of power, which comes from doing another's job for him. Releasing the energy and allowing another to suffer, if that is his way, is the healing. We cannot withhold suffering from one who needs to learn from it. Each has the same potential. If they do not open to the healing, then obviously they need more time and more lessons.

You are a channel, not the sacrificial lamb. I was not a sacrifice either. I came to teach man how to live abundantly and eternally. I did not come to teach men how to die.

The point is that the spirit transcends the body. When all learn this there will be no pain, no deformity, no disease, no lack. The message comes hard to many. It was the early church that turned me into a sacrifice. I was only trying to show the love of God and the power He gave each of us to live in His glory.

It is all clear if one will seek the knowledge and search for the truth. Nothing else matters. That is why it is so easy for God to give you all you need because there is no limit to the supply. But all that is superfluous. All that matters is your growth in Him, your trust in Him, your ability to see yourself as a creation that He has endowed with purpose, ability and talents to do His work for Him, in His time, and in His way.

Those who understand can follow God and be the sons of God. That is what is important. Let God know you love Him by accepting His gift of life and health and prosperity.

To think yourself unworthy is to hurt God for He does not create unworthy things. All is part of Him. All is beautiful. All has purpose. All are loved.

Remember God is all, in all - and your job is to learn that, just as it is everyone's job. But all start from different places and go at different speeds. It does not mean they won't end at the finishing line. Just follow your own course and don't cross anyone else's guidelines. You will all meet in heaven, in peace and love. Enough for today. We are with you always.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Sending Healing To Others

Jesus comes to say this,

Any one of you can heal. Any one of you can heal yourselves. Any one of you can heal others.

Do not listen to those who tell you it is difficult, that it is impossible or that it is a myth. The healing power is real!

I know you will ask me, Why are some healed and why some are not? And I answer you this way, you must all deal with your lives individually. Each one of you is a potential master, but in order to be a master you must survive ordeals. Therefore do not listen to the one next to you who says this is the only way. Find for yourself your way.

Now some of you may be healed because it is your time to be healed. Some of you still have steps to go to learn forgiveness, to learn compassion, to learn to serve God. There fore, it puzzles you why some are healed and some are not. It puzzles you why you can heal one disease and not another. But that is the point. It is not a puzzle, it is faith. It is real. It is true. You will all be healed in your time. In the proper time.

I tell you this, send your blessings to those you know who need healing, who are in need of health. Send them your love. Send them your forgiveness. Send them your blessings. It may not be visible to you that there has been a healing but it is visible to God.

My friends, know that God is in control and know that whatever it is you need, God will supply. It is only your fear and your doubt and your skepticism that keeps you from the full realization of all your potential.

My friends, be healed. The gift is yours. Spread it. Teach it. Give it. Send it. There is no end to the supply. If there is anyone in your mind at this moment who needs a healing, send it that the word of God may be fulfilled. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

My friends, I bless you all in the name of God. In the name of all the masters and the glory of God, I withdraw now and leave you my blessings in the name of the Christ. Amen.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Why Some Are Not Healed

Jesus comes to say this,

All healings come from God whether physical, emotional or spiritual but there is a divine spark in each one that strikes a note of harmony when it recognizes that power. The prime requisite for health is that inner harmony, that inner response.

God's healing energy is available to all alike. But then why are some not healed? Because they block this flow - by doubt, by feelings of unworthiness, by a confused intelligence which has been told so often that the fate of man is to suffer and that life is a vale of tears. Life is God. Life is living.

When a flower blooms it expects to bring forth a bud. It does not ponder the effects of its heredity or its enemies or its "sins" - it just expects to blossom. All nature is like this. Each thing operates on the blueprint that has been established for it. If a plant is trampled on or interfered with by weather or other conditions it still goes on living and producing, if not in that season then the next. That is everlasting life.

It is the same for people. If they are "trampled" upon or meet disaster and then death, there is always another season and still time to bloom.

God's love is everywhere and all can feel it and live with it. Don't be dismayed by change. All things grow and change. It is part of the process of living. Let God be in charge of your life and all will work for good.

God bless you.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Attending A Healing Service

Jesus comes to say this,

Some of you may not be able to accept a healing. You see before you a person just like yourself and you say what can he do for me. What can anyone do for my problem? My friends, the person standing before you is but a channel. It is not his energy. It is not his power. It is the power of the almighty God that comes through him. Because he has made himself available to spirit, spirit will use him.

The spirit comes from a higher vibration and it comes through this instrument. It is a fountain of power. It is a never ending fountain of healing. But remember, that there are those of you who will open an umbrella when it is raining and there are those of you who will want to walk in the rain. The rain falls anyway whether you walk in it or whether you hide from it. The healing power of God falls down on all alike. If you choose to hide from it, it is your privilege. If you choose to walk in it, you will become drenched with healing.

Dear friends, look past this instrument and see the Master and God, and God will bless you. Believe now that there is energy flowing in the room. Believe that you can be a recipient of this healing. Open yourselves to this power. If there are others in the room, turn to the person next to you even if he is a complete stranger and say to this person, I love you in the name of the Christ Consciousness. I love you and wish you to be healed. Touch hands or shoulders or faces or souls witch ever is comfortable for you. Be one with one another. Be one with God. There is no reason for any one of you to be alone. Be blessed. Be blessed in the spirit. Be warm in the love of God

I thank you for this opportunity to come into your midst. Bless you all in the name of the Father, and in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit, now and forevermore Amen. Good night.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Being A Listener

Jesus comes to say this,

Birds of a feather flock together. If you travel in God's light you will attract God's light. You do not need to be argumentative to be correct. You don't need to be assertive. Just listen, hear pain.

There are all kinds of pain. Most of it is not expressed. People don't listen. Learn to listen. Be attentive. You will see. You will serve God in time in His way.

Be open, be receptive, be ready. Force yourself to sit with your healing list. It is necessary. Let it come. Go with it, we are with you always. Why do you feel inadequate when we are always available? The spirit of God goes before you in all things. Do not use other people's yardsticks for measuring your material. Be your own ruler. Sorry for the pun, couldn't resist it. Be your own master. Learn to be your own source. Touch your own Christ. Be filled with the Christ spirit and all will be clear to you and you will serve. We are pleased and that is all that matters. Don't lose sight of goals. Don't lose sight of source. All is of God. All is possible.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Facing Yourself

Jesus comes to say this,

There are times when we must face a truth that is painful to face. That is Gethsemane. Go into your own little garden and sit quietly and let the truth come to the surface. It will hurt. It will be difficult but when you are through, you will be free. Never again will you be a slave to fear, or anxiety or doubt or pain. Be alone. Trust yourself. Let your mind know that you are in control because God is in you. God is the source of all wisdom, all love, all power. Therefore all wisdom, all love, all power is in you. Use it.

You will sooner or later have to face yourself. Do it now. You will find strength you didn't know you had. You have answers you don't know you have. Always be your own master and use your own mind. Trust your own feelings. Do your own thing. Spring will follow winter. Seeds always grow. It just takes the right season, the right conditions and freedom to express their inherent qualities. Allow your inner self to grow. When the season is right and the conditions are right there will be a blossom. God will be pleased.

You will be the gardener and the blossom will be worth showing. But remember, blue ribbons are only man's way of rewarding according to his standards. God's rewards are of a different kind. So sit in your Gethsemane and face yourself and see God's creation. Once you see it in you, you will see it everywhere. You will know the joy of God's presence in your life, and that is all you need. Be blessed. Go in peace.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Being Overweight

Jesus comes to say this,

Be one with the Father. Be one with all life.

You are loved by the Father and by those in spirit who went before you. Feel Free. You are on a journey of love and all that is in divine right is already yours. You will see the glory of the Father in all you do.

I bring you blessings and encouragement. That which you wish to accomplish can be yours if you remember that you are spirit not body and that as spirit you do not need food. There is a hunger that the self feels but it is not for food. It is for union with God. You can feel this union once you know that God is in control always.

There are those who think that overweight is due to one's karma. Karma is a big word. It encourages people to place blame rather than take responsibility. Your weight is part of you, all that you are, all that you have experienced. Whether it is in this life or some other is beside the point. It is you and you must deal with it. You must deal with it with what you are now. It may be painful but you alone can do it and must do it. For all that you are must keep constantly growing and evolving. That is life. To lose superfluous fat is growth, not karma. Growth is your taking charge and being united in body, mind and spirit and being one with yourself. You can then be one with all the universe and trust God to guide your life for good, for all. Try to see that weight is a problem in your world, not ours. The spirit has no weight but carries its own beauty in light and love. Be of good heart. Keep trying. Keep open, Keep growing in the love of God.

We will be with you always.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Healing Overweight

Jesus comes to say this,

Be at peace with yourself. This is the way to the conquering of the physical body. If you believe that you are one with God, you can have for your body all you want for it. This includes a thinner body, or a healthier body or a younger body, whatever.

Know the difference between the compulsive behavior of the days when you are torn into many pieces or going in all directions. Know you can control what foods you eat and what choices you make which in turn make a healthy body. But you see now that it is the spirit that must come together first and all else is impossible unless one first gets in tune with the spirit within. Some may not call it this. Psychologists and psychiatrists may call it something different but it is still a matter of centering or coming together in the inner self before the outer self can manifest health and growth.

There is more to life than the fulfilling of physical desires or material needs. Once the spirit makes contact with its source which is God, nothing is impossible. When we say nothing, that includes the loss of weight or gaining the proper weight. The problem is not so much a question of losing weight but being a healthy functioning body in the proper weight for you. You have been brainwashed into believing that you should all conform to a statistic. The truth is that if you were whole and in tune with your divine source you would be the weight meant for you to be. But being out of tune creates the need for solace in food, drink, whatever man uses to relieve the anxiety of this loss of contact with God. These abuses lead to a body that is not you. It is a mutation of the original you. The conquering of the main problem, your unity of mind, spirit and body, will automatically make you what you were meant to be whether it be your size, your talent, your health, your job, your marriage or whatever.

First find the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Then all else will be added. Remember, the kingdom of God is within you.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Attitude Towards A Cold

Jesus comes to say this,

A cold serves no purpose. it is just a result of lack of rest and care. Take proper medication and get some rest and be rid of it, or see a doctor.

Not all things are meant to be a discussion on your mind other than to ask, Why are you not taking better care of yourself? You must ask yourself why you do not feel whole and complete. For if you did, you would take the necessary steps to rid yourself of this cold rather than live with it. Not all things are deliberate responses to the mind's insistence. Some are symbolic or symptomatic of the mind's giving up of the responsibility of feeling whole and healthy

Be aware that your cold now needs medication and rest. Care enough for your body to give it these and if they don't help, see a doctor. Don't try to puzzle the reason for a cold but wonder why you don't take better steps to end it. Do you understand?

Sometimes illness is the result of circumstances - wrong food, bad weather, late nights - it doesn't matter. What matters is that you take care of your body the best possible way and respect its needs and not suffer needlessly. Healing is respect for self in all areas and in all ways.

Be aware of the body processes which need help and help them.

Be one with God in all ways.

Let God help you through all instruments available to man. Use them wisely. Think for yourself. Respect yourself. Love yourself. Then others will love you too.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Accepting Life

Jesus comes to say this,

My friends, I know that you are wondering whether there is any value to a healing service. You hear the words of healing and you get up from your chairs and you feel no different. You say it is all mumbo jumbo. You look at the instrument standing before you and you think to yourselves, He is no different than I. He is just a person and doesn't know any more about it than I do.

But let me tell you this, my friends. I am in a position to know the power of God. I am part of the power of God. It may not seem so to you because you sit there with your doubt and your skepticism and your statistics and you say, We have so many who die from this and so many who die from that.

My friends, you don't need to have a disease when it is your time to die. There is no reason for you to suffer. You make this mistake that you must spend your last days in a hospital preparing to die. This is so wrong. It is so wrong. Every one of you can live in absolutely perfect health until the day you are called home. When God wants you - when you are ready, you can go home without one bit of pain preceding it.

Don't you see what illness and disease are? They are something you have made for yourselves in your own mind. They are not ordained of God. God does not need disease. God does not need illness. God does not need pain. What do you prove to God with pain? Nothing! It is only to prove to yourselves some disputable point that you suffer pain and disease. It is so futile. You don't need pain and disease.

You need to accept your life, eternal life. Be aware that life goes on and it makes no difference where on the continuum you are. Whether it is here on this earth plane or whether it is after having passed through the veil, life is life. You create life in your mind, not in your body. Your body only follows what your mind tells it to do.

My friends, go past appearances and look to the reality of God. I am a master. I have lived with truth.

I tell you this. There is no need for pain. There is no need for suffering. Accept life and be healthy. Teach each other. Take hold of the hand of the person next to you and give love. Give love. Touch the person next to you. Hug the person next to you. Even if it is a stranger say, I love you in the name of Christ. I love you in the name of the Christ consciousness - and believe it. Believe that each of you can share energy and health and healing. Believe that God is here in this presence now and that I speak for God.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Taking Responsibility For Ones Health

Jesus comes to say this,

It is difficult for people to accept the idea of new age thinking because it places a responsibility on the individual soul, and many would rather leave their salvation to others rather than work on their own growth. Those you hold in awe are still human beings with human fears and doubts and may not be on a spiritual path at all. Being able to use long words and fancy phrases is not the criterion for spirituality. The fruits of the spirit are by, love, peace, sureness in God. It is still up to each individual soul to work with his teacher and as he progresses the teacher will make himself unnecessary. Those who are ready, move on.

Pray for guidance and trust. As for other matters, let God direct you in all you do. Have no fears and know that God is with you in many ways, in many forms and in all ways, always.

Do as you do. Be as you are. You alone know the joy you have in your heart.

Each progresses to a certain tune and no one can be made to do what goes against the grain. You focus on loss rather than gain because you see only the physical body. But you are spirit and will always be spirit, and all becomes part of life eternal with God. What you can do for each other is to hold each other's hands and understand and accept another's need. Therein lies the peace God promised. There is no peace "in kicking" against development. All is growth and each journey has a different purpose. Do not want for others only that which relieves your own fears. Each has enough strength to meet himself if he listens to God, for God is the goal and God is the prize.

Miracles are the awareness of your potential as creators of your own reality. And those who need the reality of suffering know why they do and will use it and see the Promised Land. Death is not the end. It is only a transition, a graduation, a door opening to a greater reality. You may not know how to prove this but your own peace should be enough for you. I am with you always and you are loved and guided.

God is in all things - even in parking places, because God is wherever your need is, but you must open to Him. He will not impose Himself on those not ready to complete attunement. Ask God to reveal Himself in tiny things and He will be present in the large problems, when you really need Him.

Do you think I sound too sermony today? It is because I want so much to let you all know the power, the love, the light, the peace and the joy of God. It is so difficult to do so when fear or doubt puts a wall between us, or physical pain takes your energy away from your true self and makes you lose sight of your own divinity.

My children, as we again approach Easter everyone is focusing on the agony rather than the joy of being a child of God and a participant in life. Look to the future with joy, with excitement, with expectation for the best of all worlds is always with you. You are each walking around the courtyards of your own palace. Enjoy it! It can always be Camelot. It can always be Jerusalem. The Promised Land is where you are, and manna is always falling. Open your eyes and hands and accept! Remember Easter morning, not Good Friday. Be at peace.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


The Source Of These Letters

Jesus comes to say this,

It little matters if these writings come from Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus of Jane, they are all the same consciousness and that consciousness is God. I am part of God, and Jane and Anna are part of that same God, and so is everyone else and everything else ever created.

I know you will think of things like rape and murder and wonder how they can be of God. Just because those events are on a lower level of vibration does not mean that those souls were not of God. God rains on the just and the unjust. He created the lion and the lamb. Some lions are gentle and some lambs are wild. They will learn and they will grow to love man and to love God. Don't judge.

Let the essence of Jesus be your guide. Let the Father come through and accept whatever you can and be assured that all is spirit and all works for good. The spirit of Jesus is the essence of Jesus and the race concept of Jesus which is never ending, never defined, comes to you in this form to teach you, love you, reassure you and inspire you. It is all God. All is one power. It is you who interpret and grow by the association.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Spiritual Healing

Jesus comes to say this,

Spiritual healing is the healing of the spirit. It is the realization that one is more than just a physical body, but something deeper, something finer, something more lasting, something made in the image and likeness of God - and that likeness is spirit.

The body is only the vehicle that is used for expression on this plane. It is at the command of the mind, which is thought which takes its direction from the spirit - the inner God.

The kingdom of God is within you and you are each in control of manifesting your own environment and fulfilling your own needs. This may seem like a difficult concept when you see deformed bodies and bodies in pain, but the body is only a victim of the limitations you place on the self.

God is limitless, God is infinite. Man can be healthy by being healthy in his spirit. There is no illness in God. There is no imperfection in God. The body was never made to misfunction. It is only fear that sends it along the wrong path of expression.

Fulfill your own needs. Be master of your own thoughts. Remove the negative. Live in the Now. Enjoy the peace of knowing you are created in the image and likeness of God. Live now, Live fully. Use your mind to be free. Learn to understand yourself. Man need not suffer. Man can live in joy. Be at peace. Live with God. Love God. To love God is to love yourself. To love the creation of yourself is to love God.

Be at peace.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


Understanding What Healing Is

Jesus comes to say this,

You now have the opportunity for ultimate healing if you understand what healing is. Put your trust in God and let Him have your life and in giving it up you will gain the world, but I think you understand now that the world you will gain is within you. You are master of your fate, you are lord of all You are king in your kingdom. There is the ultimate joy.

Understanding yourself is the first step to healing. Loving yourself is the second step. Trying to get others to know this is the ultimate healing. But not many will be able to think of themselves in this way. They will still carry the "original sin" which makes them feel unworthy.

God is. God loves you, but you must love yourself and you must be what you were created to be - a beautiful, true, sensitive, receptive child of God. You will be born into a new life, a new understanding, a new awareness of your relationship to God, to man and to yourself. This is the healing message for your generation.

Nothing is as important as your feeling of being part of God's blessings. Come to the Father for everything, for God is everything. God is all. Live in the joy of your having come closer to the ultimate truth than you ever have before. Use it now to have all that you need - to love God, serve God, and love others.

You will then be an example of what being open to God really means. All men are brothers and all are God's children. You will never be alone again.

Forgive those who do not know what they could be and settle for less. They know not what they do. Be a testimony to God. Live in the truth. Know the ultimate reality. You are master of all the world for that world is you.

You are children of God... and as such, are entitled to all the joys and rewards of being heirs to His kingdom. Foremost among these treasures is the gift of health. Accept this gift. It is yours.

Love From The Master,  Jesus


About The Editors

In the summer of 1976, Jane Palzere and Anna Brown met while attending a class in spiritual development. Jane was working as a secretary in a hospital and Anna was a teacher in a middle school. When the class ended, they said goodbye never expecting to meet again.

Feeling an unrest and dissatisfaction with the way her life was going, Jane left her job in an effort to find a new direction. This search for meaning led her from church to church and from lecture to lecture. Her relationship with Anna was renewed, quite by chance, at one of these churches.

At this point, the letters began to arrive. Jane was surprised by their appearance and even more so when she was told in the letters that she would work with Anna Brown and that these letters were to be published in book form.

The appearance of the letters in themselves caused a great deal of soul searching and self analysis. At first, they were met with skepticism, then questioning, then sharing with others. Finally when study revealed that the Bible itself mentions spirit communication, they were able to accept what was happening in the context of spiritual growth.

Jane has a degree in English from the University of Connecticut and has attended seminars, workshops and lectures on spiritual development, parapsychological and paranormal experiences. She is a member of Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, the Order of St. Luke and the Theosophical Society. She is married and the mother of two children.

Anna has been a classroom teacher for over twenty years. She joined the Phenix Club in the fall of 1975 where a latent interest in spiritual matters was reawakened. Anna has a Master's Degree from Southern Connecticut State College. She is also married and the mother of two children.

This book is the result of their association and collaboration with each other and with the Master, Jesus.



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