How To Download Your Web Site

Start Expression Web then click: File > New > Web Site

Select the "Web Site" tab then General > Import Web Site Wizard then click the "Browse" button.

On my computer I use the "My Websites" directory.
You just need to find and pick a location you can remember.
Click Documents > My Documents > My Web Sites > and then click "Open".

On the next screen enter "your site name" at the end of the location path and click "OK".
NOTE: The text "Name_Of_Your_Website" is the actual name you want to use.

Select FTP if it is not already selected.
Then enter in the "Web Site Location" text box. Click Next

Enter the Name & Password for your site and then click "OK".
NOTE: Check "Remember my password" for convenience.

Click "Next"

Click "Finish"

Finally in the lower Right Hand corner select "Remote to local" and click "Publish Web site".

Should you have any questions or comments on downloading your web site please contact me.